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There's a lot that goes into designing, building, and promoting a website besides avoiding Comic Sans. We use proprietary techniques to take your website from obsolete to the top of the page – all while providing you with top-notch reporting so you know exactly what you're getting out of your campaigns. To learn more about each of the services we provide, click a service on the left and learn more, or call us for more details.

Get to Know Brickyard Marketing’s Darth Coder

To reach the top of your professional game in a highly competitive field, it takes intelligence, time, concentration, and a serious knee injury. At least that was the case for Brickyard Marketing’s Lead Developer, John Thomas (or Darth Coder as he’s k ...

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09/23/14 03:40 PM
Happy work anniversary to David Dillman, our SEO Manager, and Heidi Goupil, our Bookkeeper! #AlwaysDoYourBest

09/18/14 03:57 PM
Happy birthday, Joanie Faust! Have a fabulous day & bring T-Rex by soon! This is not a Tyrannosaurus-free workplace.